You Are Sure to Attain God

Master: “The important thing is somehow to cultivate devotion to God and love for Him. What is the use of knowing many things? It is enough to cultivate love for God by following any of the paths. When you have this love, you are sure to attain God. Afterwards, if it is necessary God will explain everything to you and tell you about the other paths as well. It is enough for you to develop love of God. You have no need of many opinions and discussions. You have come to the orchard to eat mangoes. Enjoy them to your heart’s content. You do not need to count the branches and leaves on the trees. It is wise to follow the attitude of Hanuman: ‘I do not know the day of the week, the phase of the moon, or the position of the stars; I only contemplate Rama.’ ”

M: “I now desire that my activities may be much reduced and that I may devote myself greatly to God.”

Master: “Ah! Certainly your desire will be fulfilled. But a jnani [a non-dualist] can live unattached in the world.”

M: “True, sir. But one needs special power to lead an unattached life.”

Master: “That is also true. But perhaps you wanted the worldly life. . . . Now you should pray to God that your worldly duties may be reduced. And you will achieve the goal if you renounce mentally. . . .”

Master: “Tell me, what is the meaning of renunciation?”

M: “Renunciation does not mean simply dispassion for the world. It means dispassion for the world and also longing for God.”

Master: “You are right. You no doubt need money for your worldly life; but don’t worry too much about it. The wise course is to accept what comes of its own accord. Don’t take too much trouble to save money. Those who surrender their hearts and souls to God, those who are devoted to Him and have taken refuge in Him, do not worry much about money. As they earn, so they spend. The money comes in one way and goes out the other. This is what the Gita describes as ‘accepting what comes of its own accord.’ ”

– The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna