Sri Sarada Devi

Sri Sarada Devi (1853-1920), affectionately known as the Holy Mother, was the spiritual consort of Sri Ramakrishna, wife and his first disciple. Sri Ramakrishna molded her life by giving her valuable spiritual instructions, as well as practical advice for everyday life. He also literally worshiped her as the Divine Mother and awakened her innate divinity and sense of universal motherhood. She thereby became an intimate sharer in his spiritual practice and experience.

Holy Mother selflessly served him and all who came to visit. Outwardly she appeared to be an ordinary village woman but inwardly she was fully spiritually illumined. She was known for her gentleness of spirit, compassion for all living beings, and keen intelligence and wisdom.

Toward the end of his life Sri Ramakrishna asked her to carry on his spiritual ministry. She was reluctant to do so at first, but was persuaded when he implored her in various ways, saying, “This is not my burden alone. You, too, shall have a share in it.” In fact, she later had many disciples and her guidance and blessings were sought by all.

Holy Mother was a perfect teacher, mother, and wife. Her pure and selfless life brought and continues to bring to all who turn to her inspiration, solace, and fulfillment.