Library, Meditation Room, and Men’s Retreat


In a place helpful to the mind and pleasing to the eyes, in a hidden retreat, let the aspirant cultivate spirituality.

Svetasvatara Upanishad

Visiting the Vedanta Retreat

Day Visits:

Sincere spiritual seekers are welcome for the purpose of meditation and contemplation from 10 AM – 6 PM.  All day visitors are welcome in the Meditation Room and Library of the Men’s Retreat House.  The Women’s Retreat House is not open for day visits.  When you arrive please park your car in the parking lot near the monastery (green barn) and ring the bell so that we may orient you to the property.


Overnight Stays:

The purpose of the Retreat Houses is to provide a quiet and secluded place where seekers may devote themselves to serious spiritual study, prayer and meditation, free from distraction.  There are no scheduled classes or activities.  Each person plans his or her own retreat.  This is a uniquely valuable opportunity for cultivating deeper spiritual practice.  Sincere spiritual aspirants are welcome to retreat in silence and solitude.

Retreats may be taken for 1—5 days, not more than once a month.

If you have been an overnight retreatant before, you may call the Reservation Desk on Mondays and Fridays from 2-4 to schedule a retreat.    The phone number is 415-922-2323.

New candidates for a retreat may call to request an interview with the Swami on or after September 18, 2023.  The hours and phone number for the Reservation Desk are the same as above.

The Society maintains a retreat in west Marin County, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco in the town of Olema, where spiritual seekers may meditate and study away from the disturbances of urban life. The purpose of the retreat is to provide spiritually-minded people, of any faith or spiritual path, a supportive environment for spiritual practice.


In a place helpful to the mind and pleasing to the eyes, in a hidden retreat, let the aspirant cultivate spirituality.



The Vedanta Society purchased the property, previously a ranch, in 1946. It became the site of a small monastic community shortly thereafter. Throughout the years many dedicated Vedantins, both lay and monastic, have been actively involved in establishing the retreat on a firm footing, upholding in practice the ideal of service to God in all. Since 1973, when retreat accommodations became available, the retreat has been welcoming people of all faiths.


The retreat occupies over 2000 acres on the Point Reyes Peninsula—a sparsely settled, still largely pristine area on the coast of northern California.

Vedanta Society Retreat‎
9799 California 1
Olema, CA 94950

Annual Special Program

On Memorial Day, an all-day spiritual program is held at the retreat, open to all without charge. Each year a speaker from a different spiritual tradition and a swami of the Ramakrishna Order speak on a spiritual theme, and their talks are followed by questions from the audience. Complimentary meals are served after the program.

There is also a bookshop tent with a large selection of publications on the world’s religions.

Over the years, spending Memorial Day at the Olema retreat has become a tradition with many people from all over the Bay Area and beyond. In a story on this annual program, one of the local newspapers wrote: “The ambiance was wonderful ― expansive, accepting, lightly humored, nonjudgmental, and hopeful.”

Saturday Programs

On most Saturdays there is a “Spiritual Discussion with a Swami” program at the Men’s Retreat House from 10–11:30 a.m. which is open to all. Spiritual readings, a question-and-answer session on spiritual topics, and meditation comprise the program. Please call 415-663-1258 or e-mail [email protected] to confirm that a meeting will be held and for further information. All are cordially welcome.

Annual Youth Program

A youth forum on spiritual values is held at the Vedanta Retreat, Olema, west Marin County, every year on a weekend in spring, usually in April. Begun in 1999, the forum is devoted to spiritual practice, including guided meditations, forest walks, works of service, and discussion of spiritual ideas. Young people, eleven to nineteen years of age, who are interested in spiritual values, are invited to participate.

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