You Are Everything

The whole universe is one. There is only one Self in the universe, only one Existence, and that one Existence, when it is passing through the forms of time, space, and causation, is called Intelligence, Self-consciousness, fine matter, gross matter, etc. All physical and mental forms, everything in the universe is that one, appearing in various ways. When a little bit of it gets into this network of time, space, and causation, it apparently takes forms; remove the network and it is all one.

This whole universe is all one, and is called in the Advaitic philosophy Brahman. Brahman appearing behind the universe is called God; appearing behind the little universe—the microcosm, is the soul. This very “Self” or Atman therefore is God in man. There is only one Purusha, and He is called God, and when God and man are analyzed, they are one. The universe is you yourself, the undivided you; you are throughout the universe.

“In all hands you work, through all mouths you eat, through all nostrils you breathe, through all minds you think.” The whole universe is you; this universe is your body. You are the universe, both formed and unformed. You are the soul of the universe, its body also. You are God, you are the angels, you are man, you are the animals, you are the plants, you are the minerals, you are everything. All manifestation is you. Whatever exists is you—the real “You”—the one undivided Self—not the little, limited personality that you have been regarding as yourself.

The question now arises: How have you, the Infinite Being, become broken into parts, as Mr. So-and-so, the animals, and so on? The answer is that all this division is only apparent. We know that the infinite cannot be divided, therefore this idea that you are a part only—has no reality, and never will have. And this idea that you are Mr. So-and-so was never true at any time; it is but a dream. Know this and be free. That is the Advaitic conclusion. “I am neither the mind, nor the body, nor am I the organs; I am Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute; I am He, I am He.”

This is knowledge, and everything besides this is ignorance. Everything that is, is but ignorance, the result of ignorance. Where is knowledge for me, for I am knowledge itself! Where is life for me, for I am life itself! Life is a secondary manifestation of my nature. I am sure I live, for I am life, the one Being. Nothing exists except through me, and in me, and as me. I am manifested as the elements, but I am the One, free. Who seeks freedom? Nobody seeks freedom. If you think that you are bound, you remain bound—you make your own bondage. If you realize that you are free, you are free this moment. This is knowledge—the knowledge of freedom and freedom is the goal of nature.

—Swami Vivekananda
Sankhya and Vedanta