The Inner Controller

God is our inner controller. Pray to Him with a pure and guileless heart. He will explain everything to you. Give up egotism and take refuge in Him. You will realize everything.

The Master sang:

Dwell, O mind, within yourself;
Enter no other’s home.
If you but seek there, you will find
All you are searching for.

God, the true Philosopher’s Stone,
Who answers every prayer,
Lies hidden within your heart,
The richest gem of all.

How many pearls and precious stones
Are scattered all about
The outer court that lies before
The chamber of your heart.

He continued: When you mix with people outside your Samaj, love them all. Don’t harbor malice toward them. Don’t turn up your nose in hatred and say: ‘Oh, this man believes in God with form and not in the formless God. That man believes in the formless God and not in God with form. This man is a Christian. This man is a Hindu. And this man is a Mussalman.’ It is God alone who makes people see things in different ways. Know that people have different natures. Realize this and mix with them as much as you can. And love all. But enter your own inner chamber to enjoy peace and bliss.

Lighting the lamp of Knowledge
in the chamber of your heart,
Behold the face of the Mother,
Brahman’s Embodiment.

You can see your true Self only within your own chamber. The cowherds take the cows to graze in the pasture. There the cattle mix. They all form one herd. But on returning to their sheds in the evening they are separated. Then each stays by itself in its own stall. Therefore I say, dwell by yourself in your own chamber.

Sri Ramakrisha, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna