Selections from Meister Eckhart


What are we to understand by God? That he is the one power. Let us therefore unify ourselves so that this one power may energize in us.

Where one finds God there one finds the soul, and where the soul there God. The soul is much more closely knit to God than body is to soul in the making of a man. The union is more intimate than when a drop of water is poured into a vat of wine; that would be wine and water, but the other is transformed into the same so that no creature can detect a difference.

Why did he [God] say no more than one word? Because all things are present in his mind. If I could grasp in one idea all the thoughts I ever had or ever shall have, then I should have one word, no more, for the mouth utters what is in the heart.

God and the soul are so entirely one that God has not a single thing to tell him from the soul, nor is he any other than the soul.

Three things prevent a man from knowing God at all. The first is time, the second body, and the third is multiplicity or number.

The best work we can do is to prepare for union with God and wait for this with fixed intention.

Blessed, supremely blessed, are they who are installed in the eternal now, transcending time and place and form and matter, unmoved by weal and woe or health or want, for insofar as things are motionless they are like eternity.

Once gotten beyond time and temporalities we are free and joyous all the time; then is the fullness of time, then the Son of God is born in you.