Never Turn Back

Never turn back to see the results of

what you have done.

Give all to the Lord, and work, and think not of it.

When the whole soul

pours in a continuous current to God,

when there is no time to seek

money or name or fame,

no time to think of anything but God,

then will come into your heart

that infinite, wonderful bliss of love.

All desires are but beads of glass.

True love of God increases every moment

and is ever new;

it is to be known only by feeling it.

Love is the easiest of all disciplines.

It waits for no logic,

it is natural.

We need no demonstration, no proof.

Reasoning is limiting something by our own minds.

We throw a net and catch something,

and then say that we have demonstrated it.

But never, never can we catch God in a net.

Love should be motiveless.

Even when we love wrongly,

it is an expression of true love, of true bliss.

The power is the same, use it as we may.

Its very nature is peace and bliss.

The murderer, when he kisses his baby,

forgets for an instant all but love.

Give up all self, all egotism; get out of anger and lust;

give all to God.

‘Not I, but Thou. The old man is all gone,

only Thou remainest.’ ‘I am Thou.’

Blame none.

If evil comes, know that the Lord is playing with you

and be exceedingly glad.

Love is beyond time and space. It is absolute.

Swami Vivekananda

Inspired Talks, June 24, 1895