Just See Him

Salutations to all Prophets
whose teachings and lives we have inherited;
Salutations to all God-like men and women
presently working to help humanity;
Salutations to all those coming in the future—
living Gods—to work unselfishly for our descendants.


The Absolute cannot be worshipped; so we must worship a manifestation, such a one as has our nature. Jesus had our nature; he became the Christ. So can we, and so must we. Christ and Buddha were the names of a state to be attained; Jesus and Gautama were the persons to attain it. Mother is the first and highest manifestation of the Absolute; next, the Christs and Buddhas.

♦     ♦     ♦

We divide ourselves into two to love God—myself loving my Self. God has created me and I have created God. We create God in our image. It is we who create Him to be our Master; it is not God who makes us His servants. When we know that we are one with God, that we and He are friends, then come equality and freedom. So long as you hold yourself separated by a hair’s breadth from this Eternal One, fear cannot go.

Never ask that foolish question: What good will our love of God do the world? Let the world go. Love and ask nothing; love and look for nothing further. Love and forget all the ‘isms.’ Drink the cup of love and become mad. Say, ‘Thine, O Thine forever, O Lord!’ and plunge in, forgetting all else. The very essence of God is love. Seeing a cat loving her kittens, stand and pray. God has become manifest there—literally believe this. Repeat, ‘I am Thine, I am Thine;’ for we can see God everywhere. Do not seek Him; just see Him.

May the Lord—the Light of the world, the Soul of the universe—ever protect you!

– Swami Vivekananda, July 3, 1895