Be the Lord’s Eternal Companion

It is not good to speak to others about one’s spiritual experiences, especially to those who are incompatible by nature. It ruins the spiritual mood. Of course it benefits an aspirant if he talks about spiritual life with a person of similar nature. Fellow pilgrims can help each other. A person can escape danger on his journey if he gets acquainted with a traveler who already has followed that path and knows its problems. If you have a good guide, he will show you important things on the way and you will not have to face any troubles. Moreover, you reach your destination quickly. Man’s intellect has its limitations, so one should live with a good teacher. Life is short but there are many things to do. One should strive hard to reach the goal within this short span of life.

Human life is unpredictable. It may end after twenty years or today. Nobody knows when it will end, so it is better to acquire something soon for the journey. Who knows when the call will come? If you go to an unknown land empty-handed you will suffer.  Because you were born, you must die. It is true, after death you will have to go to a different place. At any cost, collect all provisions for that journey and keep yourself ready. When the call comes, start your journey with a smiling face. There will be no fear or anxiety if you know definitely that you have what you need for the way.

When you have the noble desire to realize God and an opportunity to lead a good life, please use it wholeheartedly and attain the Truth. Hold the pole [God] firmly. Let the body go, but don’t’ give up the pole. Have faith in yourself. “I am a human being, and I can do everything”−have this kind of faith and move forward. You will reach the goal. Your life will be meaningful. Coming and going are painful. Stop this dreadful cycle of reincarnation. Be the Lord’s eternal companion.

Swami Brahmananda