How to Live With God : In the Company of Ramakrishna

How to Live With God : In the Company of Ramakrishna

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Pages: 584

Format: Paperback

Author: Genre: ISBN: 9780916356866

Ramakrishna (1836-1886) was one of the most influential spiritual masters of modern India. He entered the highest mystical states as easily as other men step through a door, and described his extraordinary experiences with an innocent eloquence that brought spiritually to life for millions around the globe. How to Live with God transports us into Ramakrishna’s world with lucidity and breathtaking detail. Sitting alongside his closest disciples, we witness the master’s spiritual ecstasy, his astonishing insights, his humor, and his practical advice for common people yearning to know God.

Swami Chetanananda peels away time and space to introduce us to this god-intoxicated mystic as a living presence. How to establish a relationship with God, how to love God, and how to live with God are the themes of this book. Much of the information is translated into English for the first time.


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