Divine Life: Its Practice and Realization

Divine Life: Its Practice and Realization

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A book for reflection and meditation consisting of selected passages from the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Bhagavatam, and other Vedantic scriptures arranged according to topics.  The verses are presented in Devanagari script (without English transliteration) followed by English translation.  The verses are arranged under the following topics: The Self and the Body;  The Divine, the Soul and the Universe;  The Ways of the Spiritual and the Worldly;  The Threefold Nature of Men and Things;  General Means to Divine Realization;  Moral Culture;  The Path of Selfless Activity;  The Path of Devotion;  The Path of Knowledge;  The Path of Concentration and Meditation;  Theistic Meditations on the Divine;  Monistic Meditations;  The Ways of the Ideal Man;  The Ultimate Goal. 

In the introduction, a very valuable, detailed systematic account of the theory and practice of spiritual life is given.  This book forms a companion volume to the swami's "Universal Prayers" https://sfvedanta.org/books/universal-prayers/


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