Aspects of Vedanta

Aspects of Vedanta

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Pages: 348

Format: Paperback

Author: Genre: ISBN: 9788185434728

A compilation of articles by well-known scholars on many aspects and schools of Vedantic thought, collected mainly from the pages of Cultural Heritage of India.

Chapters included are: Brahma-Mimamsa;  Essentials of Vedanta;  Philosophy of Advaita;  The Advaita and its Spiritual Significance;  Post-Sankara Advaita;  Philosophy of the Bhagavata;  The Visisthadvaita of Ramanuja;  Madhya's Brahma-Mimamsa;  The Nimbarka School of Vedanta;  The School of Vallabha;  Bhedabheda School of Vedanta;  The Achintya-Bhedabheda School;  Buddhism in Relation to Vedanta;  Buddhism in Indian Life and Thought;  Advaita Vedanta according to Swami Vivekananda.


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